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We have many years of experience in manufacturing acoustic products abroad, but in 2009 we established Tripplex Acoustic and pulled the production of acoustic panels to Denmark to have full control over quality and delivery security. At the same time, a Danish production makes it easier to promote the refined and sharp design that characterizes our products. Last but not least, we want to contribute to the Danish society by creating jobs.

The Danish production ensures that the production has an understanding of the great requirements for design that we make for our products and gives the opportunity to experiment with the development of new products. There are unlimited possibilities to test panels made of recycled and upcycled products. We also do product development according to your specifications. We deliver complete solutions where we advise and help you throughout the process - from the first design idea to the final project is completed.

We have a flexible production staff that can be adjusted and adapted to the demand of our products.

Sustainable use of world resources

It is very important to us to safeguard the resources that are in the world and ensure sustainability and recyclability. It is our opinion that sustainably manufactured products are something that all manufacturers and retailers of building materials have a responsibility for. Therefore, we place great demands on our suppliers to manufacture and transport their products in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment.

We emphasize using only high quality materials. Thus, all the wood comes from our production from PEFC-certified forests, we use as far as possible CO2-neutral products and have a Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certification.

To increase the amount of recycling, it is also possible to enter into a take-back agreement with us, where we take the products back when a building is demolished, renovated or rebuilt. You get a discount on the purchase of new products, and we ensure that the removed products are recycled - so that we together can take care of the resources we have.

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Certification Cradle-to-cradle Silver

Social fairnessgoldwater stewardshipgoldrenewable energygoldMaterial reutilizationgoldMaterial HealthSILVER

Our agent in France, BENELUX and UK

Mathieu Poulain handles our agency in France, BENELUX and the UK. For the past 15 years, Mathieu has been employed in the timber industry, where he has completed roles within marketing and sales development, which has involved specification-driven negotiations at a European level. His high sense of customer service enables Tripplex Acoustic to offer trusted advice to architects and contractors in large parts of Europe. Please contact Mathieu Poulain for delivery of our products in France, BENELUX and UK:

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Sustainable, Danish manufactured acoustic products, aking your architectural visions.
Only your imagination limits the visual effects, that can be achieved with audio absorbing panels from Tripplex Acoustic.

to be the building industry's preferred supplier of customized acoustic sustainable design solutions.

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