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Acoustic Solutions
to all surfaces

- No restrictions on your design

Wooden slatted panels

Create unique design expressions and lift the rooms' design to new heights with 3-dimensional wood panels and slats. Can be fully customized for your design solution.

Organic acoustic wood panels

Panels with a unique surface feel and fragrance - made of pressed organic materials etc. coffee, vanilla or bark. 100% organic material.

About Tripplex Acoustic

We promote sustainable acoustic solutions that give you unique opportunities to implement your design visions. We are specialists and supply to Europe.

Katrinedals Skolen, 2018

The project concerned a total of 3,500m2, of which Tripplex Acoustic has supplied 600m2 wooden slats, which include: includes music room, amphitheater and various gathering rooms. Tripplex has supplied European Ash with the brown core, which provides an acoustic-regulating design. The wooden slats are also available in veneer-finish surfaces of birch, pine and maple. In addition, they can be pigmented and stained in any desired colors and expressions.

Odense Theater, 2016

In 2016, Odense Theater established a new, cozy cafe. The purpose was to create better opportunities to meet before, during and after the theater visit.

Tripplex Acoustic Wooden slats in oak plywood with surface are placed in the large light room, adding a fusion of colors and daylight. It provides an elegant design and complement to the existing building from 1914.

Erhvervsakademi Sjælland, Roskilde 2018

Absalon, Campus Roskilde, had to be expanded, as the number of students since 2013 has increased.

The project consists of renovated buildings and new buildings as well as interior design of outdoor facilities.

Tripplex Acoustic has supplied plywood slats in oak to the internal walls and ceilings of 1200m2, where the ceilings have built-in lighting.

Aabenraa Arena, 2017

Aabenraa Arena is part of a campus area to create a total physical area that highlights Aabenraa's qualities.

Tripplex Acoustic has supplied Tripplex LVL / KERTO wooden slats, which are peeled spruce veneer, which are sanded and oiled.

Sustainable acoustic solutions with innovative recycling options


All wood used comes from FSC or PEFC certified forestry. Glues and finishes are biodegradable. We work continuously to ensure that our products affect the environment and people as little as possible and create a safe and healthy indoor climate.


Production is 100% CO2 neutral. Sawdust and shavings from the factory are used for heating. The energy for the factory's production comes from wind turbines. We make demands on our suppliers to reduce the amount of energy, CO2 and waste in the manufacturing process.


For the first many years, the panel is living as a Cradle to Cradle certified acoustic panel of the first user. Then the tree is reused for new solutions for new users. When the tree can no longer be reused, it is shredded and assembled into a new panel of recycled wood.


The panels are designed for recycling. The lamellae are plastered, surface treated and then used in new panels. Screws and felt are recycled in a technical circuit. The products are picked up at no cost from the contractor at the construction site. If new products are purchased at the same time, discount is given corresponding to the value of the wood.


Recycling wood from demolition or recycling stations is used for panels - you have the option of designing according to your wishes. Waste wood from own production is used as core material in new products. Here you can freely choose between surfaces of organic materials such as cotton, hemp, eelgrass, leaves, hay, coffee etc.


We offer maintenance service and increased product warranty covering 10, 15 or 20 years. The acoustic solutions are installed and we check and evaluate the acoustic conditions on an ongoing basis. The plates are returned when new designs are needed - they can be reused directly with a new surface or given a new life elsewhere if the builder chooses a new solution.


We offer a service where you can make an agreement to ensure you the right to change designs / products with an interval of 5 years. This gives full design freedom, but the sustainable element is preserved, as we ensure recycling of the old products.


Instead of buying the products in cash, you can set up a lease for 5, 10 or 15 years, respectively. The products can subsequently be bought - or sent for recycling.

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