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Breakthrough acoustic panels

- With a sustainable and natural expression

Organic wood panels - unique acoustic panels in organic materials

Our organic acoustic wood panels are a unique product for sound control. The product consists of a core material in plywood, MDF or solid wood, covered with Organic surfaces made of organic and natural materials such as leaves, bark, grass, herbs, cereals, coffee flowers and more.

You can choose from 37 different types of surfaces and more than 500 materials. This means that you have endless possibilities for designing acoustic panels with a unique and individual expression.

The organic panels have a unique surface feel and, not least, fragrance that adds something extra to your design and the mood of the room. The people who move in space will not doubt that it is lavender, vanilla or coffee that is pressed together in the panels.

Have you been curious about the possibilities with Organic panels? We can deliver total solutions and assist you through the design process - from the first idea to the final product.

Unlimited possibilities with sustainable aspects

The organic surfaces can be made from any natural base materials and according to your wishes. For example, raw materials such as plants from the construction site or by-products from self-production can be used that can be dried and pressed and converted to Organic surfaces. These panels can also be used on flexible fleeces and textiles, paper, metals and plastics. The selected surface may be completely opaque or partially transparent. Organic's flexible nature means that the product can be adapted to semi-finished products according to individual requirements and applied to even highly sound-absorbing panels.

Many of the materials used for the surfaces are surplus products from various stores that can no longer be sold. For example, it may be the tea or vanilla bars that have been exposed to moisture or have exceeded the expiration date. The acoustic panels thus have a totally unique sustainable aspect.

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Sustainable, Danish manufactured acoustic products, aking your architectural visions.
Only your imagination limits the visual effects, that can be achieved with audio absorbing panels from Tripplex Acoustic.

to be the building industry's preferred supplier of customized acoustic sustainable design solutions.

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Natural and genuine products

The surfaces are supplied by Organic, which uses only natural and authentic raw materials not used in conventional production processes. At Organoids factory in Tyrol - in the heart of the Alps - Organoid is aware of ecological and sustainable production. It starts with the use of 100% green electricity and ends with their biological binders free of biocides, plasticizers and solvents.

Tripplex Acoustic are the only ones offering acoustic products fitted with Organoid surfaces. Sustainability and environmentally friendly product manufacturing are at the heart of our production, and we choose all materials with care for both the environment and people. We use only the highest quality wood extracted from PEFC-certified forestry. We place high demands on our suppliers and, for example, focus on the products being transported so that they leave as little imprint on nature as possible and that they can be recycled.

Benefits of organic acoustic wood panels

  • Winner of the European Product Design Award 2018
  • Made with 100% renewable energy
  • Core material in plywood, MDF or solid wood
  • PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forestry
  • Allergy and indoor climate tested products
  • 100% biodegradable wood panel
  • Flameproof construction - fireproof B-s1, d0
  • Few and simple components provide easy and quick installation

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Certification Cradle-to-cradle Silver

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