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Acoustic regulating wood cladding

- With 100% design freedom

Plywood panels

With Tripplex's acoustic wood cladding, you can lift the rooms' design to new heights and create unique design expressions with 3-dimensional wood paneling and slats that can be customized 100% to your design vision.

Only your imagination limits the visual effects that can be achieved with the wood cladding, which can be delivered in a wide range of shapes, surfaces and dimensions. The slats can be designed as raw and solid wood panels or in an elegant and minimalist veneer solution.

Our products are an exclusive and flexible acoustic regulating wood design that gives you unprecedented opportunities for creating groundbreaking spaces. We can deliver holistic solutions where we help you throughout the process - from the first idea to your design vision is listed.

The wooden panels give you:

  • Unique design freedom - you determine free form, color and function
  • Countless combination options, as the width, depth, distance and material of the slats can be adapted to your visions
  • A wealth of possibilities for surface design - veneer with pickling and / or varnishing, melamine and paint in all RAL colors
  • Easy and quick mounting on rails that can be visible as an integral part of the design or hidden from a minimalist expression
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Sustainable, Danish manufactured acoustic products, aking your architectural visions.
Only your imagination limits the visual effects, that can be achieved with audio absorbing panels from Tripplex Acoustic.

to be the building industry's preferred supplier of customized acoustic sustainable design solutions.

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Sustainable and Danish-made acoustic design solutions

Our plywood wood panels are Danish-produced design, made from sustainable products. We use only wood of the highest quality, which has been extracted from PEFC-certified forestry, and we place high demands on our suppliers in relation to manufacturing, transport and recyclability.

With products from Tripplex Acoustic you can create acoustic design solutions that are in line with the ever-increasing demands for sustainability, and you can provide safe and healthy indoor climate to the people who need to move in the rooms.

Tripplex Acoustic's wooden panels are:

  • Made of wood from PEFC-certified forests
  • Certified in Euroclass B
  • Supplied with environmentally friendly transport systems
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Hypoallergenic with minimal formaldehyde excretion

When using products from Tripplex Acoustic, there is the possibility of a buy-back agreement, where we ensure recycling of the panels if they are dismantled in connection with renovation or redesign and you get discounts on products for the new design. It is both sustainable and sound economic sense.

Unprecedented design options with tailor-made solutions

Tripplex Acoustic is the only supplier on the market that allows you to create wood surfaces with 3-dimensional effects. This means that you can lift your design to new heights and create spaces that impress everyone who enters them.

Our sound-absorbing solutions are tailored to your task - combining woods, colors, shapes and perforations. It allows you to create a unique design with a superb acoustics. We are happy to provide you with guidance, design proposals and assistance throughout the process.

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