Our vision is to fulfil yours

At Tripplex Acoustic, we work to make your visions a reality. We adapt high quality acoustic panels to your unique needs. See how we can help you here.

Create beautiful and functional buildings

You were born to create beautiful and functional buildings. We would like to help with that.

Our acoustic panels made of wooden slats for the ceiling and walls ensure a fantastic indoor climate - and a warm and inviting look. And the best of all: At our Danish factory, we adapt the solution so that you get unprecedented design freedom to create exactly the space you dream of.

The tougher, the better

We are at our best when others give up. When the task is really complicated. So when you think it can't be done, you can think of us.

At our own factory in Denmark, specialists build exclusive special solutions by adapting standard components. We cut, straighten and see new possibilities so that your wooden panels fit perfectly into the shape of the building - and are easy and quick to install.

Guidance throughout the entire process

There is a long way from the initial idea to the finished building. With us, you get good advice and practical guidance throughout the entire process, so you can work on the most important thing: designing fantastic spaces and buildings where people thrive.

Your solution is produced in Denmark

Our customers expect and deserve the highest product quality. That is why all Tripplex solutions are produced at our own factory in Denmark. It offers several advantages.

In addition to ensuring the highest product quality, we can deliver solutions on time – no matter how extensive the project – thanks to our flexible organisation. In addition, it also offers the advantage that we can experiment and develop new solutions. It keeps us sharp – and gives you access to even better acoustic products.

Create more sustainable buildings

Construction has a huge impact on the environment. We take that very seriously.

We are ambitious on behalf of the planet and our customers. That is why we have initiated a number of sustainable initiatives. However, this does not mean that we have reached the goal. We can always do more to create a greener and more sustainable present and future.

Part of Rockfon

Tripplex was established back in 2009. Since then, we have developed customized solutions for a large number of Danish and international architectural companies and buildings.

In 2021, we became part of Rockfon, which belongs to the ROCKWOOL Group. The collaboration gives us an even stronger setup, so that we can continue to develop the industry's best solutions for the joy and benefit of people and the environment.