Unique projects deserve unique solutions

Bring your vision to life with beautiful acoustic panels that we adapt and design to your unique wishes. Here you can dream big, and we'll take care of the rest.

There are no limits to what you can do with Tripplex.

Together with us, all surfaces can become an aesthetic acoustic solution. You can choose which shapes, colours, perforations and types of wood your solution should have. For example, you can complete your acoustic solution with stone wool panels and perforated boards. Do you want surfaces with 3-dimensional effects? We can do that. So open up to a new world of acoustic design, where form and function reach new heights.

No task is too big

People often come to us with some pretty wild ideas. It is fantastic. No task is too big here. Our experienced consultants and production staff have many years of experience in customising solutions so that you can create uncompromising functionality and architecture.

Get each panel customised

Your beautiful wooden lamella acoustic panels must fit perfectly into the rooms and buildings you create. That's why we adapt and design all panels to your needs. For example, we cut them to fit around sockets, extractors and speakers. In this way, you achieve a perfect result for both eye and ear - and avoid trouble during installation.

Looking for new ideas

Why do as usual? At Tripplex Acoustic you can explore new possibilities. The possibilities are endless. We can integrate cooling and heating functions in your acoustic designs, optimize the sound with absorbents and create attractive figures with lighting effects.

5 steps: How to get your unique solution

Every day we develop unique solutions for ambitious architects and contractors. We therefore know what works. The result is a fixed process that we look forward to implementing with you.

  1. Design. We listen to your dreams, needs and challenges. Output is a mutual understanding of how the design expression should be.
  2. Description. We describe the solution and provide assembly instructions that you can use in connection with tenders or specifications.
  3. Detailed review. We describe the project in detail with a focus on scope, shapes, choice of materials, etc.
  4. Drawings. We produce drawings of all panels and send them to the project's contractor for approval.
  5. Delivery. Once the drawings are approved, we produce and deliver your finished solution.

Build more sustainable with us

At Tripplex Acoustic we are ambitious in everything we do. This also applies to the environment. We offer FSC- and PEFC-certified wood, so when you choose Tripplex Acoustic for your next project you can be sure you have chosen a supplier that thinks about the future.

Get started

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